For to install and use of the PlayJoom streaming server, the following technical Requirements:

  • A web server like
    • Apache server logo - Apache
      Require modules: with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib, mod_gd
      Minimum: 2.x
      Recommended: 2.4
    • Microsoft logo - Microsofts IIS
      Separate additional installations: php framework, FastCGI
      Minimum: 7
      Recommended: 7
    • NGINX server logo - nginx
      Minimum: 1.x
      Recommended: 1.1
  • php logo - php framework, which is enable on the webserver
    Require function: Magic Quotes GPC off
    Minimum: 5.3.10
    Recommended: 5.4.x
  • MySQL database server
    with InnoDB support
    Minimum: 5.1
    Recommended: 5.1

Get more information about the installation Technical Requirements these Technical Requirements, Install the basic



PlayJoom uses some really great third-party software components. All these software have a free license, like MIT oder GNU. Here a list of components which PlayJoom uses.

Joomla! CMS

Joomla! is the best open source Content-Management-System which you can get. And this is the basic principle of the PlayJoom streaming server. It offers the optimal basic functions such as user management, or like the extension concept.

web:, under GNU - General Public License

Foundation Frontend

The advanced responsive frontend framework Foundation is the basic for the PlayJoom frontend. It works for each screen size and so it's doesn't matter, which what kind of client device you are using for access. A web browser in a mobile device like a cell phone works just like a normal web browser on a desktop.

web:, under MIT License

jQuery / Mootools JavaScript

PlayJoom use a lot of nice usabilities with two free cross-platform JavaScript libraries. That is at one side the jQuery framework, and at the other side the MooTools framework. 

web:,, both under MIT License

SoundManager2 audio framework

The audio framework SoundManager2 by Schillmania is implemented, for to be able to play the audio tracks directly on the website. It works primarily with HTML5, so that this play function get a pretty high compatibility to the most webbrowsers. Particularly with regard to iOS systems like iPhone or iPod devices because they haven't a support for Flash content.

web:, under BSD License

FontAwesome Font Toolkit

The little icons arround the PlayJoom project comes from  the iconic font and css toolkit FontAwesome framework. This scalable vector icons can be easy be customized by size, color, shadow or anything other that can be done with css.

web:, the code is under license: MIT License, the font ist under license: SIL OFL 1.1

getID3() File parser

PlayJoom gets the file informations of the audio and music files with the php script framework getID3(). It's extracts the informations like the albumname, name of the artist, birate, playtime, the cover data and many more.

web:, under license: GNU - General Public License


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