If you have to install PlayJoom successfully, you have to add the first tracks into the database. This script describes how this works.


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First, you have to login as administrator. The user that you created during the PlayJoom installation had.

In the main control panel you should scroll the page down...

...and choose PlayJoom Options.

In the configuration of PlayJoom must to be set up the folder in which you have your audio files. In this example can you see in the option Path to files folder the path c:\audio. And configure the maximum file size, which is allowed to upload. For example 400MB. At the end you have to Save & Close the configuration of PlayJoom.

Note: Do not configure a flash at the end of the file value, like: c:\audio\myfiles\

Go into the audiotracks manager and click the green button New tracks.

And choose here in the file browser that folder of which you like to add the audio files. Then click at the green button Add Tracks.

Now PlayJoom will check the seleced folder for audio files, and for the ID3Tags of each file....

...and adds the files into the PlayJoom database.

After the reading procedure it's will switch over into the starting point with a table of new tracks in it.


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