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In this document, you can find all changes of the different PlayJoom versons. Additional information can be found in the bugs section, under

PlayJoom - 0.9.850 - Beta 9 (Released 2013-09-15)

First version with Joomla 3.1 basic

- 0000180: [General] Fix: Streamming functions doesn't works with a iis web server.
- 0000179: [Installer] New Function: Added adjusted version of PlayJoom installer for Joomla base 3.x.
- 0000178: [Frontend] Fix: Missing links creation for breadcrumbs navigation.
- 0000175: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: During add new tracks, it´s shows now a processbar.
- 0000177: [General] Improvement: Option to switch off the resampling function for all devices.
- 0000176: [Installer] Fix: Overwrite the PlayJoom settings with Update installation.
- 0000172: [Frontend Playlist] Improvement: Creating playlist without temporary playlist files at the server.
- 0000171: [Frontend Playlist] New Function: Added wpl as an additional playlist format.
- 0000169: [Frontend Playlist] New Function: Possibility to downloading the playlist items as zip file.
- 0000170: [Frontend Playlist] Improvement: Extended the xspf content with more track infos.
- 0000166: [Frontend] Improvement: Additional data field, whether it's a studio or live album.
- 0000168: [Frontend Album] New Function: Possibility to downloading an album as zip file.
- 0000158: [Frontend] New function: Add an own frontpage part for PlayJoom.
- 0000137: [Backend Cover] Improvement: Choosing a cover image from lokal disc of a client.
- 0000164: [Frontend] Improvement: Optimizing of the sampler request for to eliminate double requests of the sampler check method.
- 0000163: [Plugins] Improvement: Updating the SoundManager framework to version 2.97a.20130101.
- 0000162: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Updating the getID3 framework to version 1.9.5.
- 0000161: [Backend Tracks] Fix: Shows in the audiotracks editor just the utc time not the user timezone.
- 0000159: [Backend Tracks] Fix: It's not possile to delete a folder in the media viewer.
- 0000145: [Frontend] New Function: New Template for frontend.
- 0000147: [Frontend Playlist] Improvement: Line Plugins available in Playlist management.
- 0000153: [Frontend Playlist] Fix: Missing ending anchor tag for the track links in the Playlists.
- 0000152: [Frontend] New Function: Add a 360Player as plugin.
- 0000151: [Frontend Playlist] Improvement: Add playlist extension in the playlist management.
- 0000150: [Frontend Playlist] Fix: Missing Text Content for COM_PLAYJOOM_PLAYLIST_ORDER_TYPE_YEAR in Playlist chooser.
- 0000149: [Frontend Genre] Improvement: Possibility to add a single genre as menu item.
- 0000148: [Backend] Fix: Not possible to change or delete an existing Genre entry.
- 0000142: [Backend Cover] Fix: Division by zero in Calculation of covers in the Cover management.
- 0000143: [Backend Cover] Fix: Undefined variable: Covercontent in Cover managment.
- 0000144: [General] Improvement: Ready for Joomla 3.0.x.
[30 issues]

PlayJoom - 0.9.637 - Beta 8 (Released 2012-08-05)
- 0000136: [General] Improvement: Updating the basic Joomla to the 2.5.6.
- 0000133: [Frontend] Fix: Additional information page doesn´t works with active cache.
- 0000139: [Frontend] Fix: Shows in the albums viewer just one of more albums with the same album name.
- 0000130: [Plugins] Fix: Missing artist argument in the link of the searching results.
- 0000138: [Plugins] Fix: As searching result shows just one of more albums with the same album name.
- 0000131: [Frontend Album] Fix: Missing artist argument for creating playlists.
- 0000132: [Frontend] Improvement: Added some different types of order for the creating of playlists.
- 0000129: [General] Improvement: Added a users own folder for to save own tracks in it.
- 0000128: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Intergate Track Plugin Trigger in admin section.
- 0000123: [Backend Tracks] New feature: Integrated a upload function for audio tracks.
- 0000009: [Backend Tracks] Fix: The "Add Tracks" Button doesn´t works with IE.
- 0000127: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Changing the table column length to track number.
- 0000122: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Add batch job for release year of the album.
- 0000121: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Add batch job for albumname.
- 0000120: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Add batch job for artistname.
- 0000125: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Add batch job for to change the accesslevel of seleceted tracks.
- 0000126: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Add batch job for to change the owner of seleceted tracks.
- 0000124: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Add batch job for to change the genre of seleceted tracks.
[18 issues]

PlayJoom - 0.9.524 - Beta 7 (Released 2012-05-06)
- 0000048: [Frontend Playlist] Improvement: Attach a playlist to a genre.
- 0000107: [General] Improvement: Added the possibility to set the access level for each track.
- 0000094: [Backend] Fix: The filter function with the text field in the artist table doesn´t works.
- 0000119: [Frontend] Improvement: Added a separte tracks viewer.
- 0000117: [Frontend] New feature: Added a separate search plugin for album searchings.
- 0000116: [Backend] New feature: Added a manager for playlist categories in backend.
- 0000118: [Frontend] New feature: Added a separate search plugin for artist searchings.
- 0000114: [Frontend Artist] Improvement: Add a separte artist viewer.
- 0000115: [Frontend Album] Improvement: Add a separte album viewer.
- 0000113: [Frontend Playlist] New feature: Add the possibility to set a category to each playlist.
- 0000112: [Frontend Playlist] New feature: Add the possibility to set a access level to each playlist.
- 0000046: [Frontend Playlist] Improvement: Attach a playlist to an album.
- 0000047: [Frontend Playlist] Improvement: Attach a playlist to an artist.
- 0000111: [Frontend] Improvement: For a better performance, optimization the function for the check if a album is a sampler typ or not.
- 0000110: [Backend Tracks] Improvement: Updating the getID3() component to version 1.9.3.
- 0000109: [Frontend] New feature: Add a access configuration possibility for the tracks with user and access levels information in all views.
- 0000108: [Frontend] Improvement: The Statistics Module / Page shows now just genres with tracks, no empty genres.
- 0000106: [General] Improvement: Updating the basic Joomla to the 2.5.4.
- 0000105: [General] New feature: Add a PJ Auth plugin for to configure PlayJoom just for registered user.
- 0000104: [Backend] Improvement: Adjustments the CPanel for compatibility with Joomla 2.5.x.
- 0000103: [Backend] Improvement: Adjustments the PJQuickIcon Module for compatibility with Joomla 2.5.x.
- 0000102: [Backend] Improvement: Adjustments the admin template for compatibility with Joomla 2.5.x.
- 0000101: [Backend] Fix: Missing SQL file for PlayJoom Update to version 0.9.379.
- 0000100: [Backend] Fix: Wasn´t able to update PlayJoom over the backend. Wrong manifest file.
- 0000099: [Backend] Fix: The PJ Quickicon was not able to run without the Joomla Quickicon Module.
- 0000098: [Backend] Fix: Instance of some module installations wasn´t correct.
- 0000097: [Frontend Album] New feature: Add a navigation in the Album viewer, to navigate to the next or previous album of the same artist.
- 0000096: [Frontend] Improvement: Now it will use the two criterions albumname and artistname for creating a cover.
- 0000095: [Frontend] Improvement: The album covers are created by GD library.
- 0000093: [General] Fix: The cover will not displayed, if the album title exsist twice or more.
- 0000092: [Frontend] Improvment: The album covers does created now with GD directly from the database bin datas.
[31 issues]

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