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The PlayJoom software can't not running itself. For the PlayJoom server you need the following software components:

A webserver, like Apache

  • The webserver have to be working with php version 5.2.4 or higher
  • A MySQL server with version 5.0.x or higher

First you have to download the web server, framework and database parts. The best choice would be the xampp package. In this package you will get the open scoure project and everything you need.

download link here:

Note: This tutorial describes the installation procedure with a windows XP system.

After the download you have to start the installer of xampp.

Select a language for the xampp installer and click on OK

Next window click the Next button.

In this window you can choose a destination folder to install the webserver and where you want the PlayJoom Server to run.

In the menu "Service Section" choose "Install Apache as Service" and "Install MySQL as service" to start them automatically with Windows. Otherwise you have to start those two services manually every time you start your windows system.

After clicking on the Install Button the installer of xampp will copy all necessary files on your local disc.

After the copying the xampp installer will install the two services in your os.

Now the xampp installation should be done.

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