Frist you have to unzip the archiv file in a new folder of your web server.

For example: /srv/www/htdocs/Playjoom/

After this, you have to start your web browser and enter in the url address row the PlayJoom address:

For this example: http://localhost/playjoom

Note: If you using the address http://localhost/playjoom, then the playlists will only works at this local PC. For this function you should to use the IP address of you computer.


In the first step, you have to choose the language for the installer of PlayJoom.


In the second step, the PlayJoom installer will check the necessary conditions. If some item in the upper part is showing red, then it will not possible to install the PlayJoom Server.


Check and accept the license conditions for PlayJoom adn go on Next


Enter here the connetion to the MySQL database. You have to use as username and password which you did set in the MySQL configuration, Install the basic. Enter the database name and a Prefix for the names of all tables in the database.
With a click on Next will the PlayJoom Installer create all neccessary tables in the database.


In the fifth step you have the possibility the enter a ftp connection.


Configure here the E-Mail, user name and the passwort for the administrator of PlayJoom.


Last step: You have to delete the installation folder. Then you can enter the site (Frontend) or the Administration of PlayJoom.

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